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Kookai (空海) @ WAY2ReAL(W2R) in DownTown, Oahu, Hawaii will assist you when/if you need a translation from English to Japanese (or vice versa), or the professional services from international licensing business to film distribution to liaison as a translator.

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Who's Kookai?
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I used to travel around the world as an international film distributor. Was in the sky(空) for business all the time & loved relaxing at the sea(海)side resort in between business trips, and still love looking at very light blue sky(空) to deep blue ocean(海) from where I work at.

The name - Kookai - came from a monk named 空海(Kukai) who was a unique, extraordinary & versatile Japanese monk.

Individual and/or Corporation, should you need a native Japanese translator/liaison/agent/rep., check the following what Kookai @W2R could offer to assist you as a concierge translator.

Concierge Translator

What Kookai @W2R Offers

When/if you (a) require a quick translation from English to Japanese (or vice versa), (b) have problems in communicating in Japanese, and/or understanding any materials/procedures in Japanese (or in Japan), or (c) proofreading, Kookai @W2R shall offer you professional services as a translator / liaison / mediator / communicator / negotiator, by providing clients/companies in need with excellent, accurate and professional translation work + more.

As a bilingual professional with an international background that enriches my skills, what I offer includes:

  • Excellent cross-cultural communication and proficient Japanese skills as a native Japanese speaker; capable of writing elegantly, logically and efficiently.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of cultural, social, and political background & conditions in Japan / Asia, the U.S., and Europe.
  • Ability to identify potential problems, develop strategies and coordinate the efforts of individuals from multiple business units for creative/practical/feasible solutions to accomplish the goals of the client/company.
  • Official / Court / Medical Documents Translation as a Certified Translator of State of Hawaii DMV.
  • Expertise in International Licensing, Web-publishing downloadable eBooks.
  • Extensive International Media(Film, TV, Doc) Distribution savvy / experiences.
  • Exceptional Business Acumen & Reliability & awEsomE Aloha Spirit that I've gained from this super land of Hawaii.

In addition, Kookai can offer "by advance reservation only" for limited clients;

  • Personal chef service from more than 500 kinds of home cooking meals to gourmet cuisine from all over the world. Avails Only in Oahu, Hawaii. (Authentic Soul Foods from Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Southern, Russian, Korean, Thai, to Game Day/Night Pupu to sweets to your soul.)
  • Exceptional organizing skills of goods/inventories from any personal items to biz documents.
  • Documentation & DTP publication; Menu, Flyer, Brochure, News Letter in Japanese/English.

Deep USA from Deep Hawaii to Deep Japan and much more...