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英語のジョーク / Palms in Sky

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Joke de English / ジョーク de 英語: 番外篇

英語のジョーク: バカね〜・ジョーク

Who do You Think I Am!

A man spoke frantically on the phone, "My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart!"

"Is this her first child?" the doctor asked.

"No, YOU idiot!" the man shouted. "This is her husband!"


A Burglar Looking for $$$

A burglar intrudes a house in the middle of the night. He was interrupted when the owner awoke.

Drawing his gun, the burglar threatened him saying, "Don't move or I'll shoot. I'm hunting for your money."

"Ou, then I'll turn on the light," replied the owner of a house, "'cause I do want to hunt with you!!"


Joke de English Basic Comp. 101-01
ジョーク de 英語 ベーシック・ジョーク集

| 日本語訳 | 英語語彙レッスン |

(Vol. 101-01 - ジョーク37点P16)

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To Have ur Cake & Eat it, too

A woman in a diet club was sharing her experience and lamenting that she had gained weight.

She had made her family's favorite cake over the weekend, she said, and they'd eaten half of it after dinner.


The next day when she was alone by herself at home, she kept staring at the other half, until finally she cut a very thin slice for herself.

One slice led to another, and soon the whole cake was gone.

The woman went on to tell how upset she was with her lack of willpower, and how she knew her husband would be disappointed.

Everyone felt bad for her; until someone asked what her husband said when he found out.

She smiled, " He never found out 'cause I made another cake and ate half!"

本ページのジョークの他、プラス6点のバカだね〜!ジョークを含め、37点の英語ジョークを全日本語訳と語彙レッスン、解説付きでW2R SHOPにてダウンロード販売しています: Vol. 101-01

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3 Brothers

A man walked into a bar and ordered three Gin and Tonics.

He came every week and got the same until one night the bartender asked why he always ordered three drinks and the man answered, "When I left Mexico, my two brothers told me to have a drink for them."

A few weeks later the man only ordered two drinks. So the bartender asked, "If you don't mind my asking, did something happen to one of your brothers?"

"No, they are fine," said the man, "I just quit drinking!"




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Vegetarians & Humanitarians

If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat!?



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