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Welcome to WAY2ReAL!

Aloha from W2R in Oahu, Hawaii!!


Kookai (空海) @ WAY2ReAL(W2R) in DownTown, Oahu, Hawaii will assist you when/if you need a translation from English to Japanese (or vice versa), or the professional services from international licensing business to film distribution to liaison as a translator.

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Concierge Translator

What Kookai @W2R Offers

When/if you (a) require a quick translation from English to Japanese (or vice versa), (b) have problems in communicating in Japanese, and/or understanding any materials/procedures in Japanese(or in Japan), or (c) proofreading, Kookai @W2R shall offer you professional services as a translator / liaison / mediator / communicator / negotiator, by providing clients/companies in need with excellent, accurate and professional translation work + more.

Individual and/or Corporation, should you need a native Japanese translator/liaison/agent/rep., check what Kookai @W2R could offer to assist you as a concierge translator.

Deep USA from Deep Hawaii to Deep Japan and much more...

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:: Pls Note ::
Other than this page, services details page and "order, inquiry" form, most of the W2R site pages are in Japanese.

Joke de ENG (Joke de English): includes more than 100 English jokes handpicked by Kookai, were mainly sent by friends from film industry in Hollywood. All the pages are scheduled to be cleaned up a lil' bit more in very Hawaiian Time, and although most of the pages are all in Japanese, at least those 100 jokes are both in English and in Japanese, and they are all extremely good ones.


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