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Welcome to WAY2ReAL!

Aloha from W2R in Oahu, Hawaii!!


Kookai (空海) @ WAY2ReAL(W2R) in DownTown, Oahu, Hawaii offers a quality translation service from English to Japanese (or vice versa), and exceptional liaison / concierge services as a native Japanese translator.

:: A. Concierge Translation ::
| Simple Inquiry / Check on ur behalf | Translation/Liaison in Trouble | Write for you |

:: B. Quick Translation [Liaison] ::
| Tell/Ask them... | How can I say ...? | Is it right/proper to say ...? |
| How to write ... in Kanji [Japanese]? |

:: C. Hawaii Driver's License Procedures Support ::
| Hawaii Driver's License Procedures eManual (JPN) |
| "Koseki(戸籍)" Translation | Japanese Doc Translation by a Hawaii DMV Certified Translator |

:: D. Regular Translation::
| Translation(ENG ⇔ JPN) | Liaison |

:: E. Others ::
| Intl. Biz Coordination / Liaison | Intl. Licensing / Film Distribution |
| Lessons to pronounce Japanese right or sound as if you do speak fine on the Film/TV set|
| Web-Publishing eManual(eBook) @W2R SHOP |

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Concierge Translator: English ⇔ Japanese

What Kookai @W2R Offers

When/if you:
(a) are looking for a translator (English ⇔ Japanese),
(b) wish a translator to communicate with other third party in Japanese on behalf of you,
(c) hava a problem in procedures in Japan [Japanese], and/or
(d) wish a Hawaii Certified Translator to translate your "Koseki (Japanese Family Registration)"
     and/or other official Japanese documents to English,

please check W2R Translation Services Details and contact us from the form.

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