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WAY2ReAL Services

Kookai (空海) @ WAY2ReAL(W2R) in DownTown, Oahu, Hawaii will assist you when/if you need a translation from English to Japanese (or vice versa), or the professional services from international licensing business to film distribution to liaison as a translator.

:: A. Concierge Translation ::
| Simple Inquiry / Check | Translation/Liaison in Trouble | Write for you |

:: B. Quick Translation - Quick Liaison OBO | Proofreading ::
| Tell/Ask them ... for me | How can I say ...? | Is it OK to say ...? |

:: C. Regular Translation(ENG ⇔ JPN ::
| Translation(ENG ⇔ JPN) | Liaison |

:: D. International Coordination ::
| Intl. Biz Coordination | Intl. Licensing / Film Distribution | Buyer(Purchasing Agent) |

:: E. Others ::
| Hawaii Driver's License Support | Web-Publishing eManual(eBook)@W2R SHOP |

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W2R Services Fees
A. Concierge Translation
| Simple Inquiry/Check | Translation in Trouble | Write for me in Japanese |
Concierge Translation $50
[Simple Inquiry / Check]
Will ask/check info. and/or procedures written[and/or provided] in Japanese on behalf of anybody who has (a bit of) trouble in communicating in Japanese.

What $50 charge includes:
(1) Double check with you for the scope of work over the e-mail,
(2) Contact one individual (or company / shop / gov. / organization) over e-mail/phone for once on behalf of you, and
(3) Contact you for the result.

* If there are many to check/inquire, or necessities to check detailed info. on net + other sources, I will get you an estimate.
* $20/hr afterward when additional correspondences are required than the above.
[Translator/Liaison in Trouble]
[Translation in Trouble]
When/If you have any problem with a individual (or company, shop, gov., organization), esp. money-related issue, it's better to communicate some of the essentials in writing with the other party.

I will assist you as much as possible towards solving a problem as your liaison / translator.

[Support/Assist for any procedures in Japanese]
Should you need an assist to go through any procedures and/or make an arrangement in Japanese, I will assist/support you as your translator/liaison.

(1) Will provide you with an appropriate claim/request letter so you can send it by yourself, or (2) contact one individual[company / shop / gov organization] to follow up over e-mail/phone call on behalf of you, if needed, but up to 2 times.

------------- --- ------------- --- ------------- --- -----------

[Translation in Need]
When/if you would like to know the detailed info. or (double-)check some necessary procedures, provided in Japanese, I will get you all the essential info.

* Should you need a regular translation work rather than only for the essential contents, pls check Regular Translation.

* $20/hr afterward
[Write for you]
[Write for you]
Will write in (elegant & professional) Japanese letter/e-mail on behalf of you once you e-mailed W2R (or let me know) the details(situation / what you would like to say, request or ask).

* Fee Includes Consultation + 1st Letter in JPN
* $20/hr afterwards for the same case

[Regular Correspondence Translation]
Translate private/business letter/e-mail (ENG ⇔ JPN): $20-$40/1 Page - Letter Size
B: Quick Translation
| Liaison OBO | Translation | Proofreading |
Quick Contact
On behalf of you w/Translation
| Tell/Ask them ... for me. | Tell me what they said. |
$20(US)Will contact one place and (a) ask what you would like to ask or (b) tell them what you would like to say in Japanese, on behalf of you, via call or e-mail.

* If it's not one single quick contact that can be completed within 5-10 min., pls check B. Concierge Translator.
* Additional $10 for Intl. phone call from Hawaii.
Quick Translation
| How can I say ...? | What does ... mean? |
| Looking for this word in Kanji (for Tattoo.) |
$10/1-2 sentence(s) 1-2 line(s) translation English to Japanese(or vice versa). If you are looking for Kanji Tattoo, let me know what word(s) you have on your mind. Will communicate via e-mail.

* If it's longer than 2 lines, pls check C. Regular Translation
Quick Proofreading
| Is it proper(right/okay) to say ..., in --- situation? |
$15/1-2 sentence(s)When you'd like to communicate in Japanese properly, or if you need a proofreading for Japanese translation works, I can assist you via e-mail.

* +$5/1-2 sentence(s): Should you require gramatical quick lesson, for the people who are studying Japanese.
International Business
[Service] Coordination
Coordination$100- (1st Consultation up to 2hrs)

In between individuals and/or corporation, W2R shall act as your liaison, coordinator, translator, and negotiator toward the goal of your project.
Intl. Licensing
& Film Distribution
As a buyer, sales rep., agent, W2R shall act as in-between to smooth out the deals from the conception to the completion.

Film Distribution is International Licensing Business for Movie, TV, Doc. Rights. (w/a fair commission fee of 1-10%.) Other licensing business includes goods as well as services.
* Depends on frequency, deadline, hours, it may be quoted as
one case - one project - or one month($1,000/mo[case, project])
/1 page
Short e-mail/letter: $10 | Private/Business e-mail/letter: $20/page | Contract: $70-100/page

* Fees depends on the volume(number of words(or pages), contents(daily conversation, business document, website, agreement, book, smartphone application, game), delivery deadline, proofreading advice, frequency of services.
/1 page
Family Registration / Document Translation for HI DMV$100- +Should you need a document to be translated by a HI DMV certified translator, it can be ready within 3-5 business days from the time I receive the original document.

Family Registration: $130 ($100 for translation + $30 for notarization)
Court / Medical / Other Document(s): $100/page & $30 for notarization

:: Additional Charge ::
$20 for (a) Sat / Sun / Holiday Contact, (b) Translation Doc Pickup Before 10am and/or After 6pm
$30 for Notarization of translated documents

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