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WAY2ReAL(W2R) offers a quality translation service from English to Japanese (or vice versa).
Concierge Translation

eManual: Hawaii Driver's License

Detailed procedures eBook for Hawaii Driver's License, HI Uncontested Divorce Procedures, How to obtain TRO in HI etc., all written in Japanese.
HI Procedures eManual(JPN)

Deep USA・Deep Hawaii・Deep English

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Concierge Translation

Exceptional liaison / concierge translation services (Eng ⇔ Jpn)
Concierge Translation

Concierge Translation (ENG ⇔ JPN)

When/if you have a bit of trouble in communicating with PPL from Japan who speak limited English, and/or encounter a problem with a procedure in Japan/Japanese, Kookai @W2R shall assist you to solve a problem as a native Japanese translator & liaison.

W2R Services

Concierge Translation(EN⇔JP)

Will ask/check info/procedure in Japan[Japanese] on behalf of you. Will assist you as a translator/liaison when/if you encounter a problem in Japan [Japanese].

Quick Translation / Liaison

"How can(should) I say this?" "What does this mean?" "Could I say this?" - Transalte / Proofread short sentences. Also deliver a simple msg to a JPN speaker on your behalf in Japanese.

HI DMV Certified Translator

Will translate Japanese "Koseki(戸籍: Family Registration)" (JPN⇒ENG) and/or other Japanese document requested by DMV as a HI DMV Certified Translator.

Regular Translation (EN⇔JP)

Will translate private/business email/letter, document, video, film script, dialogue list, website, tablet app, resume, agreement, book, etc.

ePublishing: HI Procedures

eManuals W2R SHOP offer currently are all written in Japanese, to assist Japanese speakers for the procedures of Hawaii Driver's License, Divorce, and TRO.

ePublishing: Deep English

A compilation of very selected English Jokes that were forwarded from Hollywood Film Business ppl, along with Japanese translation.

eManual / eBook

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