Concierge Translation

Exceptional liaison / concierge translation services (Eng ⇔ Jpn)

| Inquiry/Check/Write on your behalf in Japanese | Translation/Liaison in Trouble |

When/if you have a bit of trouble in communicating with a person from Japan who speaks limited English, and/or encounter a problem with a procedure in Japan/Japanese,
Kookai @W2R shall assist you to solve a problem as a native Japanese translator & liaison.

Concierge Translation:
Inquiry/Check on your behalf

Ask/check info. in Japan[Japanese] on behalf of you. (private, shop, hotel, corporation, JPN government, etc.)

Inquiry/Check in JPN: $40/per case

  • All the questions you may have, Kookai shall check all by one phone call/email.
  • If the inquiry is a simple matter that seems to take less than 10min: ⇒ Quick Liaison in Japanese

Concierge Translation:
Translator/Liaison in Trouble

Will assist you as a translator/liaison when/if you encounter a problem in Japan [communicating in Japanese].

Concierge Translation/Liaison: [Inquiry/Check]: $80/1case

  • Pls provide me with the necessary info. so I could double check with you for the scope of work(SOW) over the email,
  • Will either (a) provide you with an appropriate request/inquiry/claim letter so you can send it by yourself, or (b) contact one individual (or company / shop / gov. / organization) over email/phone on behalf of you, and let you know its result/response.

Procedure in Japan[Japanese]

If you would like to know the detailed info. or (double-)check some necessary procedures, in Japan [Japanese], I will get you all the essential info.

Additional assist service is available if/when its procedure is complicated, and require an assist to go thru a procedure till its completion.

Procedure in Japan[Japanse]: $80-/1case + (Additional Assistance: $20/hr)

Write for You in Japanese

Will write in (elegant & professional or casual) Japanese letter/email on behalf of you.

email/Letter in Japanese: $40 / 1case 1page

From a single quick translation to a translator/liaison task in trouble,
let Kookai know the details of the task/project.
Inquiry / Request Service