Japanese Koseki("戸籍")Translation (JPN ⇒ ENG)

Any Japanese Documents required for Hawaii DMV Procedures
must be translated by a HI DMV Certified Translator

Translation (JPN ⇔ ENG)
as a Hawaii DMV Certified Translator

Any Japanese Documents required for Hawaii Driver's License Procedures must be translated by a HI DMV Certified Translator.

Translation Documents includes "Koseki(戸籍): Japanese Family Register[extract]", Official Documents, Medical Certificate, Court Decision, etc. Koseki(Japanese Family Register) can be used as a birth certificate, and will be required for name change procedure at DMV.

Inquiry / Request Translation for HI DMV
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Koseki(戸籍) Translation for Name Change Procedures @Hawaii DMV

If you change your name due to marriage, divorce, naturalization, etc. after obtaining HI Driver's License, you must go to a licensing office in person, with required documents to prove name change, within 30 days(*).

Any necessary documents for Hawaii Driver's License Procedures written in Japanese must be translated into English, but documents translated by yourself and/or other regular translator won't be accepted at the Licensing Office(DMV.)

Along with an application form @DMV, Proof of Hawaii Legal Presence, SS Card, a set of notarized ①-② will be required: ① an original Family Register(Koseki), ② Koseki Translation by a DMV Certified Translator

  • If you changed your name more than once, required documents are the ones to show the name changes process from the one on your current driver's license to current name.
  • If you changed your name & sex, you will be required to submit a requested form.

(*) Within 30 days : There is probably no penalty when/if you don't make a change within 30 days, but please pay a quick visit to and take care of it as soon as you can.

Koseki Translation for Name Change
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Translation as a Hawaii DMV Certified Translator: 戸籍 - "Koseki"

A: Family Register Extract(戸籍個人事項証明書(戸籍抄本"Koseki Shohon"))Translation Fee: $130.00-
* Translation Fee includes the notarization procedure & notary fee.

B. Family Register(戸籍全部事項証明書(戸籍謄本"Koseki Tohon"))
Family Register Extract Translation Fee($130.00-) + Additional Fee($20-$100)
* Additional Fee: depends on volume(letter/page counts). Will give you an estimate if you could email me copies of scanned documents.

”戸籍抄本: Koseki Shohon(Family Register Extract)” is sufficient for most people to prove name change(s) due to mariage, divorce, naturalization, adoption, etc. Better to get a Shohon as Tohon will cost you more.

Koseki used as Birth Certificate

  • US Citizen born in Japan who has no Birth Certificate, will be required to bring a set of notarized documents - original koseki & koseki translation by a DMV certified translator.
  • Family Register[extract]

    • Family Register(Koseki Tohon): A whole copy Koseki, which prove identifications of all of your family members.
    • Family Register extract(Koseki Shohon): A selected copy of Koseki, which prove identity of a part of Koseki (selected one individual family member.)

Japanese Document / Koseki Translation for DMV: From Request to Document Pickup

  • Prepare necessary documents (Only original. No copy would be accepted.)
  • Please let me know when you would like to mail/pickup documents in HNL downtown via Inquiry / Request a Quote
  • Will email you where to send the original documents.(Usually within 24-48 business hours.)
  • Should you need a translation for Tohon and/or other documents, will give you an estimate. Pls scan documents and email me.
  • Please send necessary original documents to designated address via regular Air Mail.
  • Will translate, and have documents notarized by your Pick-up day, once I receive your mail.
  • Please come to WAY2ReAL home office condominium lobby in downtown, Oahu for documents pickup. Please pay in cash.

* Documents translated by me would be good not only Oahu, but Big Island. Should be fine for other island, but nobody has tried yet.

Delivery from Translation Request

Will translate & have documents notarized within 1-2 business day(s) from the date I received original documents.

  • If you would like to have translated/notarized documents urgently, email a scanned document when you send an original document, so I can translate it in advance, and have it notarized by the next business day from the receipt of original document.

If you change name & sex

  • If you change name & sex, please submit a designated document when you change your name at DMV.
  • Designated document for sex change & its Japanese translation are included in eManual($5.00-):

eManual "Hawaii Driver's License: Name & Sex Change"

If you are requested to provide Hawaii DMV with other documents in Japanese, other than Koseki Tohon[Shohon]: Family Register[extract], pls let me know which documents.
Inquiry / Request a Quote