Aloha from HNL Downtown in Oahu!

eManuals/eBooks: Hawaii Driver's License Procedures | Uncontested Divorce
"Koseki(戸籍)" / Documents translation for Hawaii DMV
"Koseki(戸籍)" Translation

eManual: Hawaii Driver's License (JPN)

Hawaii Driver's License procedures detailed information, all written in Japanese.
HI Procedures eManual(JPN)

Hawaii Uncontested Divorce Procedures
| Restraining Order(TRO)

HI Procedures eManual: Uncontested Divorce | How to obtain TRO in HI
: Japanese Translation of all necessary procedures & documents
HI Uncontested Divorce Procedures | TRO (JPN)

Deep USA・Deep Hawaii

\(^_^)/ So many kinds of Yaaa's!
eBook: English Jokes for Adults

Hawaii Goods 'n Things

Honu(Turtle), Pineapple necklace, Hawaii Goods + more

W2R Services

eManual | eBook

eManuals: The procedures of Hawaii Driver's License, Uncontested Divorce, and How to obtain TRO, translated in Japanese.

eBooks: English Jokes for Adults with Japanese Translation.

Concierge Translation(ENG⇔JPN)

I have retired from concierge translation services as well as regular translation services, with the exception of "Koseki(戸籍)" / documents translation for Hawaii DMV.

HI DMV Certified Translator

Will translate Japanese "Koseki(戸籍: Family Registration)" (JPN⇒ENG) and/or other Japanese document requested by DMV as a HI DMV Certified Translator.

eManual / eBook

Aloha from DownTown Honolulu in Hawai`i!

7-day average of new cases in Hawaii is 177 as of 10/30/2022.

I stopped wearing a mask at stores from 10/2022, but I still bring one with me when I go out just in case, and still wear one at the hospital or a court.
It's now about 5-10% peeps who wear a mask at stores, or in my condo.

It would be good if we make both hand washing and gargling a healthy habit set. This doctor I've met recently recommended to clean the inside of our noses, and I added that to my routine. 😃 💫

Be Safe, Be Nice, and Mahal😇 for that!

💜 💛 from ☀️ 🏝 with ALOHA!