About WAY2ReAL

(Compiling lightly) Deep USA・Deep Hawaii・Deep English

Would you like me to check info/procedure in Japan[Japanese] on behalf of you as a translator/liaison?


WAY2ReAL(W2R) offers a quality translation service from English to Japanese (or vice versa) thru concierge translation [liaison/business coordination] services.

When/if you have a bit of trouble in communicating with PPL who speak limited English, and/or encounter a problem with a procedure in Japan/Japanese, Kookai @W2R shall assist you to solve a problem as a Japanese ⇔ English translator & liaison.

WAY2ReAL in Honolulu Downtown, Hawaii

Kookai (空海)@ W2R

I used to travel around the world to attend International Film Festivals & Exhibitions as a buyer / seller / consultant. Was in the sky(空) for business too often & loved relaxing at the sea(海)side resort in between business trips, and still love looking at very light blue sky(空) to deep blue ocean(海) from where I work at, without travelling around.

The name - Kookai - came from a monk named 空海(Kukai) who was a unique, extraordinary & versatile Japanese monk.

Individual and/or Corporation, should you need a ENG ⇔ JPN translator/liaison/rep., here's what I, Kookai @W2R, could offer to assist you as a concierge translator from DownTown, Oahu, Hawaii:

As a bilingual professional with an international background that enriches my skills, what I offer includes:

  • Official / Court / Medical Documents Translation as a Certified Translator of State of Hawaii DMV.

What Kookai @ W2R could offer

  • Excellent cross-cultural communication and proficient Japanese skills as a native Japanese speaker; capable of writing elegantly, logically and efficiently.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of cultural, social, and political background & conditions in Japan / Asia, the U.S., and Europe.
  • Ability to identify potential problems, develop strategies and coordinate the efforts of individuals from multiple business units for creative/practical/feasible solutions to accomplish the goals of the client/company.
  • Expertise in International Licensing, Web-publishing downloadable eBooks.
  • Extensive International Media(Film, TV, Doc) Distribution savvy / experiences.
  • Exceptional Business Acumen & Reliability & awEsomE Aloha Spirit that I've gained a li'l 🤭 from this super land of Hawaii.


Due to 06/2020 website renewal, lots of pages have been deleted. Will make some of them available by making them simplify with additional updated info. in my own kind of Hawaiian Time:       🕳️ 🥬 🐌 🐢

  • US Politics, US Presidential Election
  • Movies & TV based on true story: US President, Trials & Cases, War, Business, Sports, Mafioso, Gangsta, Medical, Social Issues, Serial Killers
  • Hawaii Info.
  • English Joke: All the eBooks of 1-2 joke(s) on sale will be combined to one eBook, hopefully by 08/31. All the other 100+ jokes with JPN translation will be... maybe...? available at some point.

  • Among all the above from the old site, the (1) BLM related pages (jp) to (2) gun control (en/jp) to (3) us presidential election(jp) pages will be moved first as a priority, with obvious reasons. Vote Out 🤡 👿 🐍