About WAY2ReAL ☀️ 🏝

eManual/eBook Sales & JPN Doc/Koseki Translation for HI DMV
from downtown, Oahu

① eManual: Hawaii Driver's License Procedures, Uncontested Divorce, TRO
② eBook: English Jokes for Adults

WAY2ReAL in Downtown, Honolulu, Hawaii


Regular Translation(JPN⇔ENG)& Hawaii Driver's License Related Support

WAY2ReAL(W2R) used to offer a quality translation service (ENG ⇔ JPN), and various supports related Hawaii Driver's License Procedures and/or any other official procedures in Hawaii, but I have retired from all these regular/concierge translation & coordination works.

Supports W2R currently offers related Hawaii Driver's License related are (1) ePublish: Hawaii Driver's License Procedures eManuals (downloadable eBooks), and (2) a document / koseki translation as a Hawaii DMV Certified Translator.

I thank you all for the people I have communicated in the past through various supports.

Mahalo & Happy Aloha 2022!

Schedule: TBD

I meant to move some of the following pages from the old site to this one a little by little in my own kind of Hawaiian Time & somehow it's 07/2022. 😃✨

  • US Politics, US Presidential Election, Social Issues
  • Movies & TV based on true story:
    US President, Trials & Cases, War, Business, Sports, Mafioso, Gangsta, Medical, Social Issues, Serial Killers, etc.
  • Hawaii Info.
  • English Jokes for Adults: All the eBooks of 1-2 joke(s) on sale will be combined to one ☝️ eBook. All the other 100+ jokes with JPN translation will be... might be...? available at some point.

Island Time Moves Both Fast and Slo /🙃\ \🙂/ /🙃\    w.


🤤 🏝️

Kookai(空海)@ W2R aka Sachiko in HI

I used to work in the film industry, as a PR/publicist, then a buyer & later as a seller/consultant for an Argentinian Film/TV Distribution Company, traveling around the world to attend International Film Festivals & TV/Film Exhibitions.

After moving from Yokohama, JPN to Hawaii, as a concierge translator, I assisted/supported clients for various procedures in downtown, Oahu. Started selling eManual/eBook online, from HI driver's license related procedures to divorce procedure, + more, by putting all the info. together that I obtained thru support works.

As of 07/2022, I am semi-retired(🤭)and I am no longer taking any regular and/or concierge translation, support works with the following exceptions:

  • eManual Sales - Hawaii Driver's License Related Procedures: Revise & Renew yearly, if any drastic changes.
  • eManual Sales - Hawaii Uncontested Divorce Procedures / How to obtain TRO & necessary documents: All in Japanese
  • Necessary Documents Translation for Hawaii Driver's License Procedures as a HI DMV Translator(Family Register, Medical Certificate, Court Decision.
  • eBook: English Jokes for Adults w. Japanese Translation, Hawaii Info.: Will change the eBook format to new version after Winter 2022.

Safe Drive, Stay Safe & Enjoy Hawaii!